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In the following 9 passages I share my life learning’s of our existence, the workings of the universe, and the knowledge and wisdom I apply to live and lead a healthy, peaceful, and purposeful life.  The content includes a sum of the useful information I have accumulated and practical techniques I have consciously introduced over my lifetime which has allowed me to sustain peace and balance; I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.  
The True Nature of Thoughts, Beliefs and Dreams
To appreciate the true nature of thoughts, beliefs and dreams let us first appreciate the function of the heart and body.  When we are born our heart is the first functioning organ of our body which creates a pulse that provides us life energy that moves with vibration throughout our body. This moving vibrating energy is transferred throughout every cell and space within the entire body and throughout the mind, until the mind receives enough energy to produce a single thought.  When too many thoughts are created the mind becomes depleted of energy, more life energy from the heart is then required to produce more thoughts.  Since it takes energy to produce a thought, we experience loss of mental energy as we make thoughts.  The brain is scientifically proven to consist of neurons that fire electro-magnetic energy, and the latest quantum studies have revealed that energy is in fact non-physical! We can confidently now say with evidence-based certainty that THOUGHTS ARE ENERGY! 
Thoughts can vary in energy depending on the type of thought and the depth of the thought, thoughts also contain information and this information can be transmitted in the form of an invisible wave of energy.  Just as radio waves transmit information out towards receiver towers over vast distances, thoughts can too have these applications and more.  Thoughts are invisible and non-physical and so are our beliefs and dreams, and it is these which have direct access to the non-physical/ spiritual world and universe.  Each time we project a thought outward into the universe or spirit world the universe or spirit takes it in and spits back out a physical or non-physical manifestation of what we thought of, so it is true that our THOUGHTS CREATE or at least INFLUENCE OUR REALITY.  The level of energy of the thought and the ability to convincingly BELIEVE determines the strength of non-physical to physical manifestation, therefore for your thoughts or wishes to come true you need to believe they will come true and be available to you. 

Our beliefs are compiled thoughts and feelings that have been stored as memory in the sub-conscious mind.  A major element of our sub-conscious mind is that of our memory.  This is the place where all registered past information is stored and may be accessed at any time.  The value of information retrieved from our memory depends on the quality of knowledge that was taken in, and our ability to access our memory.  The average human uses the sub-conscious mind 95% of the time during everyday life, it is like a machine, is habitual in nature, and has the ability to be programmed.  The sub-conscious mind is the part of our mind that enables self-mastery, for example remembering how to drive a car or ride a bike and the ability to do it well with ease.  So it is fairly important we have quality programming, as it directly influences our performance with 95% of everything we do in life.  Our conscious is what directs the programming of our subconscious mind, and can be used as a filter for information received by our self-experience of the surrounding environment.  We have the CHOICE to choose what we program into our sub-conscious, and it is our level of awareness and judgement that allows us to make wiser choices.  Greater awareness and sound judgement can be obtained by being open minded, making the commitment to seek only truth, and accumulating and applying true knowledge of life and the universe.  The acceptance of knowledge that we perceive to be true from our conscious judgement, becomes our beliefs.  In addition to knowledge and information, beliefs can hold various levels of energy supplied by the emotions, feelings and/or attachments that we may have with the belief.  It is the energy within the belief we hold that give beliefs the power to influence our reality, beliefs define our perception of the world around us and influence what we see, as we change our beliefs we change what we see and what we experience in the world around us.  When we come together and work together to believe in a common thing, the number of believers increase; therefore the amount of energy sent out toward the target "thing" is increased, and hence the power to influence the "thing" is greater.  Think of how religious, tribal and spiritual practices are carried out with large numbers of people of which share a common belief and hence intensify the energy to influence or empower something.  Spiritual/Religious/Traditional groups have performed group healing through prayer and belief for thousands of years, and they say the more believers in the group the more energy and belief and hence the better the healing.  Now think of how each and every belief of every person in the world combine together to create and influence the various types of events and levels of severity of each event, or the condition of any targeted thing within the world.  The target thing is influenced according to the direction and/or information given within the belief.  This is also how "magic" works which can lead to all kinds of cool tricks such as levitation, pyro kinesis, telepathy, walking on hot coals without getting burnt, healing people through energy, or healing the earth, the possibilities are endless.  In order to benefit ourselves and our universe, we need to come to realise and experience our innate abilities and master the use of them responsibly.  In order to do this we need to rewire our subconscious minds by either removing or transforming any limiting beliefs... to limitless beliefs. This requires either constant training or other efficient reprogramming methods such as meditation, visualisation or using forms of vibration.  Just as our cells provide external information to our brain in order to make a decision on what we should do next with our bodies, the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of every living thing on earth send information to earth or the universe to be processed before making its decisions.  When the energy of the information or belief that comes in exceeds the energy of any existing opposing or limiting beliefs the event is created.     

Dreams are either projected visions of the probable future or lessons from our past being shown to us by the universe or spirits, which are being accessed from our unconscious or super-conscious mind.  Spirit consists of everything non-physical including; All past Information, energy, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, the souls of the dead and ancient ancestors whom have created our physical reality today.  Spirit flows through everything and no thing and is everywhere at any time and can be accessed by anyone. The probable future can be accessed through spirit from the accumulative past flow of projected information and energy. Predictions and prophecies are either only probable from reading the past information of spirit or have been created through thought and belief to give power to an event to occur in the future.  No matter what future we see within our dreams or nightmares, it is only probable! And we have the power to change this by choosing what thoughts, beliefs and feelings we want to experience.  The most relevant and vital time of our lives is in the now and it is the now that will always be.  In the now there is no fear, anxiety, pain or suffering because there is no thinking of the past or future.  So make the most of your life right NOW!
It is time we all BECOME RESPONSIBLE and APPLY CARE not only for our actions but for how and where we direct our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and emotions, for it is these which create and influence our reality.

Internal Energy and the Responsibility That Comes With Using Our Personal Power
Our personal power can be described as the body’s ability to express internal energy throughout ourselves, or towards anything and/or the world that surrounds us.  Internal energy can be defined as the current operating energy level of the body.  Our internal energy can be expressed and attuned through thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions, dreams, actions and our environment.  As discussed above this personal power that each of us possess has the power to create and/or influence reality.  Studies in Quantum Physics has found that when we zoom in on the smallest physical thing that makes up all our chemicals, cells, and minerals of our body "the atom";  we find they are each connected via a network of strings that are vibrating at a particular frequency.  Atoms are what everything is made out of; therefore everything that exists is in vibration.  Since everything existing resonates at a particular frequency of energy, our personal power and/or internal energy can influence the external energies by entraining or sharing energy levels.

 To explain the sharing of energy further I will share with you the following example.  Somebody who lives a peaceful and happy life would be vibrating at a higher energy frequency then a person who lives in a mostly depressed and sad state.  When the high and low energy frequencies come together they are shared and one of three things can happen; the higher level energy can drop down to the lower level energy, the lower level energy can rise up to the higher level energy, or both energies can meet in the middle.  The resultant affect that happens is determined by several factors, but mostly by the level of transparency and/or tolerance of the person or object.  A person that can consciously remain detached from lower level influences can remain unaffected and vibrating at a higher level which would most likely raise the frequency of the lower level energies surrounding them.  Various environments, communities, natural sites, buildings etc. all resonate at a frequency which they have been attuned to, you may notice some towns feel better or worse than others energy wise, and you may notice the beneficial effects on the body when visiting high level frequency locations such as undisturbed natural bushland or beautiful beaches.  The feeling of a geographical location or area is usually a reflection of the internal energy reflected by the community.  If our body senses itself to be in an energy field which is out of tune with its existing vibrational frequency, a common conditioned reactive response would be to "fight or flight".  Fighting would only create more harm/stress, separation and lower energy levels, while flighting may allow us to find a location that resonates at a frequency we are comfortable with and empowered by, however also results in separation.  The most effective long term approach which will inevitably be used by all of us "when we are ready" is to "befriend" each other and other energies.  This will raise our energy levels as a whole, this way no body is left behind suffering in depression for too long.

The energy that we express towards our surroundings can be raised or lowered by our personal power (thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions and actions).  Negative or destructive use of personal power can create lower level energy within our bodies and when expressed to the world around us, it can lower the energy level of surrounding things.  Healthy, responsible and constructive use of Personal Power creates higher level energy within our bodies, which may then be expressed to the world around us, and raises the energy level of surrounding things.  The destructive and constructive expressions of energy dealt towards our environments, community and society over time has created the energy frequencies we experience here and now.  If we want to experience higher energy levels, happiness and balance within ourselves and in our world today and into the future, it is our individual selves which need to make the CHOICE to be RESPONSIBLE for our internal energy levels and the way we use our personal power.  We are the ones that are responsible for our wellbeing, if we poorly use our personal power we suffer and so do those who have absorbed our energy around us.  If we are wise to use our personal power responsibly, we and the world around us will flourish.  As we consciously start to realise the responsibility we have as living creatures, we could come quite anxious about the affects we could cause to ourselves and those around us. Need not to worry; there are multiple ways of managing responsible use of personal power.

We have the choice to consciously decide whether or not our internal power affects the external world or remains with us, we can also adjust the level of energy we are outputting to ourselves or to the world.  All we need to do is CHOOSE... we can choose for only positive thoughts, beliefs and intentions to affect ourselves or others, or we can choose for some thoughts, beliefs and intentions to have more energy and a greater affect than others, it is entirely up to us.  I have found personally along my journey that creating my own internal value system and honour code has been most effective with guiding and directing my personal power where I want it.

Creating and Maintaining Internal Lore or Honour Code
This honour code system is designed to provide internal assurance to people in creating and maintaining a healthy mind and peaceful life.  In order to find and maintain internal and external peace, we need to at some point create, maintain and apply to our lives an internal lore or honour code.  Peace becomes difficult to achieve or maintain, and sometimes slips away from us when our life fails to be aligned with our true values.  An honour code or internal lore is an internal and systemised approach and commitment to one's self to be continuously aligned with our true values throughout life.  True values are heartfelt values you come to realise and learn for yourself as you journey through life and grow richer in wisdom.  The best way to start an internal honour code is to adopt values that are held in high regard, try to use feeling expressions and ethical principles you agree on to start you off (examples are Love, Respect, Gratitude, Trust, Loyalty, Honour, Fairness, Balance etc.).  Make a commitment to align yourself with these values and move on through life with an open mind consciously seeking your truest values, and apply new found true values as you come to realise them.  For your own benefit it is recommended to evaluate new values/ideals that arise to determine their suitability for you and all around you.  If you find new values to be of benefit to you and all around you and they also align with your existing values then this is a good indication that they are healthy to accept and apply.  You may find some existing values you carry no longer serve you well, and are causing negativity in yourself and/or those around you; this is most likely an unreasonable, unbalanced value.   Check if this value matches up to your other values, and if it doesn't you can choose to remove this value from your value system.  
Now that you have created a set of values make it your commitment to align yourself to them as you live your life.  Create a deep knowing within yourself that these values you have created to guide yourself are more influential to your life and every action you make then anything else physical or non-physical inside or outside of you.  Now make your every intention aligned with your values, and assure yourself that you will honour your values equally with balance always.  Your intention is your most powerful creative influence on the conditions of your internal and external reality.  Create within yourself a deep knowing that your intentions will override any internal or external thought or belief that could negatively influence your actions otherwise.  If you at any time notice yourself slipping away from your true values and heartfelt intention, reaffirm your values to yourself by reading over them and imagining the feelings you get when aligned with your true values.  Beliefs are the next most powerful creative influence on the conditions of our internal and external reality.  You may find that there is a long list of existing beliefs that you have, it is worth assessing these beliefs to determine if they serve you well now and into the future. Reprogramming beliefs can take time, so make it your intention to take it easy and work on reprogramming beliefs one at a time as they pop up.  When you reprogram your beliefs make sure they align with your current set of true values, since you have now made it your intention to live by your values this should not be too difficult.  Thoughts are the next most powerful creative influence on the conditions of our internal and external reality.  Although thoughts are the least powerful influence out of our internal abilities, they are most powerful when together aligned with belief, intention and true values.  For many of us it is difficult to stop thinking negative thoughts, which is a form of anxiety that can overtime lead to depression.  When we think healthy or peaceful thoughts we stay healthy and peaceful and maintain high energy levels.  Create a deep knowing within yourself that any negative thought you have cannot influence your feelings and actions, and that only healthy, constructive or peaceful thoughts have power to influence your life. Also know and believe that the newly set intentions and beliefs aligned with your true values will always have influence over any negative thoughts you may have.  This deep knowing or belief is going to allow you to free yourself from being a victim of your own negative thinking.  Another method is to try to eliminate negative thinking altogether, and to only think in a healthy or constructive way when you need to.  It is not so easy to just switch to a healthy way of thinking or stop thinking negatively if you are not used to it. This is why I have created this honour code and internal lore system to provide a strong foundation to ease the struggle in rising up and out of depression and suppression.  When you apply this honour code system you will surely be on your way out of negativity and on your way towards creating and maintaining inner and outer peace with yourself, your life and all around you.  

Transcending Fear and/or Raising Energy Levels
To transcend fear we need to recognise what fear is.  The common definition of fear is described as the feeling of not wanting a particular event to unfold.  This feeling is created from our own thoughts or visions of not wanting something to happen, and can become more intense if our memory provides thoughts or negative information from the past.  Fear is also a form of lower energy or vibration that can drain energy levels from the mind and body if you allow it to. Fear could turn to worry as soon as we begin to believe that the thing we do not want to happen can come true, the consequences of this is often beginning to suffer from stress/anxiety and/or depression.  Worry could turn to panic or shock as we start to convince ourselves that what we don't want is happening.  Panic or shock could than turn to hopelessness if we are completely convinced that what we don't want is going to happen or happening.  Hopelessness could then lead to pain, anger, disappointment, grief, guilt, shame or even death as what we did not want did happen.  The memory of the thing that the person did not want to happen can then lead to ongoing trauma, pain, suffering, or anger.  The above is a brief example of the destructive cycle of fear in its various stages and forms.  As we can see living in fear or being fearful can lead to depression and other negative and low energy feelings and states of mind.  Our condition becomes worse when thinking destructively or by having depressing thoughts of low energy.  Just like we can become depressed or afraid by our thoughts and feelings we can also become uplifted and fearless with healthy, constructive or high vibrational thoughts and feelings.  
We have the power to choose these thoughts and feelings and as we grow in awareness and knowledge our power to choose wisely grows also, we can never be more aware than in the present moment.  

Fear in its various different forms such as; pain and suffering, stress or depression cannot survive in the present moment as all anxiety and worry is created through thoughts of the future and all pain and suffering is created through thoughts of the past.  The first step towards healing ourselves from depression or low energy levels is to identify what we are experiencing and how we are feeling, and then come to the realisation that we have the ability to choose and/or change our thoughts and what we are doing for ourselves.  The next vital step is to make a commitment to improve our current level of wellbeing and to be prepared to make any necessary changes to get there.  To feel peaceful and healthy we need to focus on peace/love or high vibrational thoughts, and apply actions that align with our inner values, and discard any values that are not serving you or others well.  By consciously practicing neutral behaviour such as respect, gratitude and love and by pursuing any necessary acts of forgiveness we can accelerate the rise of our energy levels and begin to maintain a healthy level of wellbeing.

We are all unique human beings and all have our own unique programmed comfort zone created from our past experience, perceptions and processed thoughts and this may be unchanged from our early childhood.  This comfort zone may be set at a low or high energy level, and when we experience other people or environments that are programmed at a different level we tend to be closed up, uncomfortable, frustrated or sometimes feel as if our energy is being drained. Sometimes when we work on becoming happier, it works and feels like things are going a little too good to be true, something then suddenly comes in or happens out of nowhere which lowers us back down to our comfort zone.  This is the workings of our sub-conscious mind or what many psychologists refer to as our inner child.  The reason the sub-conscious mind is referred to as the "inner child", is due to the fact that a high proportion of our sub-conscious mind is developed and programmed from our birth until the age of 7.  Our sub-conscious mind is open like a sponge during this time, and is known to close around the age of 7.  The sub-conscious mind or inner child has the following characteristics; it is habitual in nature, is stubborn to complex communication, and as discussed earlier has the ability to store information and be programmed.  The sub-conscious mind behaves and functions just as a child does, therefore it simply does not understand new concepts or changes of lifestyle and ignores new information and/or values that are too complex to understand or that are communicated with too much comprehension.  In order to have the sub-conscious mind or inner child’s support with the changes we intend to make, we need to take it on the journey of change with us and help it to reprogram its habitual ways.  The way we do this is by using effective and simple forms of communication and training techniques, similar to that of which a child under the age of 7 would understand.   

Effective communication and techniques to reprogram our subconscious mind include visualisation, meditation, hypnotism, vibrational communication, movement, and/or persistent training, reading "inspirational" self-help books and more.  The trick is to find a communication method out there or inside of you that works for you, find a form of communication that you enjoy, or that inspires you and motivates you and then go for it.  I personally have found that singing while visualising the concepts I want to learn or the energy level I want to experience works best for me.  Have a play around with the various simple forms of communication that come to you and choose what best works for you or you could even mix it up every now and then, it is up to you.  

Freeing Ourselves from Delusion
To free ourselves from delusion we first need to identify delusion by opening our minds to truth and ask the question why?  Mainstream society and the surrounding environment have been subject to a great deal of negative energy or low vibrational fear based energy in the form of visual, verbal and/or tactile (feeling) expression.  This fear based energy has been communicated or transferred onto us since birth in an attempt to suppress our energy levels to a point of which can be easily controlled by "greed based" beings which look to dominate our thinking patterns and actions for their own material gain.  If you would take a look in the news for example you would see that there is far more negative or fear based stories to tell rather than healthy or peaceful stories, and when we do see "positive" news it is most likely about "money" or "material" gain of some sort.  This is an attempt to suppress the general public to a point of control where they can manipulate and program people to feel the "need" to consume more materials from the greed based corporations.  The greed based entities running the large corporations grow in wealth and keep it all for themselves, while some other people in the world go without.  This is the sad but real truth of the world we have been living in, there is however multiple ways to rise up above the limitations of this delusion and find the power and energy to create a world more true and loving. 

It all begins with you, you have the power at any time to choose how you think and feel and what actions you make, you have the power to lead the life you want to lead and heal yourself from negative thoughts and low energy levels!  You are already breaking through the limitations and restriction of illusions as you are coming to recognise these truths I am sharing with you!  
Being aware of what is going on and knowing the truth about the deceiving operations of the mainstream system is a great first step.  Knowing that you have the choice to create your own path in life is an even more important next step.  Recognising the workings of the universe and the unlimited potential of your own mind will also help a great deal with creating your own path.  Now all you have to do is choose wisely for your own benefit, the more you can see, the better choices you can make for yourself and you will begin to automatically heal yourself and in addition the earth will heal with you. 

Once you have recognised you have been a victim of mind control do yourself and others a favour and do not empower the greedy further by thinking about them or believing in their operations. Instead the best thing to do is create change by thinking in healthy, peaceful and balanced ways.  Believe the world is learning from its mistakes and is changing for the better, and last but most essentially focus on cleansing and reprogramming yourself from any past contamination which may have affected you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Keep an open mind and expand your awareness by looking deeper into things you are doing, assess how well they are serving yourself and contributing to sustaining life on earth, and maintaining balance and peace. Realise that you may not have all the answers and that you could always improve on your current understanding through learning new lessons each day.  Know that the secret to creating peace on earth does not only come from creating change outside of you, this change first comes from within.

Perceiving and the art of Dreaming a Desired Reality
With a positive vision, intention, faith and positive acts of change we can and will positively transform ourselves and our collective system and reality as we have already been doing so since the start of time.  We have transformed our visions from racial dominance, gender dominance, brutal violence, to a vision of equality for all, less violence, to lies and deceitful and greedy actions, and we have all witnessed our visions become a reality over space and time. We as a whole are now starting to see the new vision of honesty, fairness, mental freedom, mindfulness, self-realisation, unconditional love, gratitude, respect, a friendly universe we can trust, balanced and sustained among all living and non-living.  Our new vision will become a reality for us all with space and time, so if you have a deeply desired vision or dream you want manifested into reality?.. Do what we all could do some more of "Be Patient" with your vision and try to make it a habit of perceiving things as in the process of coming to be as you envisioned them to be.  See all as being in the process of transforming into something aligned with your truest and deepest desired values, and give your vision space and time to manifest into reality.  If you want to see change now than act now aligned with your desired vision and be the change you want to see!

Trust and Its Essential Role in the Journey to Sustaining Inner and Outer Health and Peace
Trust... whether it be trust in operating components of the human body, trust in the process of life or trust in the creative processes of the universe...  Trust is essential for creating and maintaining inner and outer health and peace.  With the components of our bodies we might know a little bit about how they function and what affects them, however we do not know everything about the human body with absolute certainty.  We know that the body has an intelligence which we can't entirely comprehend... What we do know is that it can self-manage information and energy efficiently enough to operate at high performance, self-heal and to maintain good health.  The one thing we all seem to do often unknowingly is "trust" in our body’s ability to function and respond appropriately to external conditions.  This unconscious trust we give our bodies is enough to provide enough guided energy for our body’s intelligence to maintain a healthy body in a perfect world.  However, in our current reality on earth we are often faced with local and global challenges, including having to live and deal with high levels of manmade pollutants and contaminants.  Unconscious trust is not enough to empower and guide the body with dealing with these challenges and so this ignorance causes people and animals to become ill, contaminated or traumatised.  Another source of contaminating our body is our minds conscious mistrust, doubt and/or fear in our body’s capacity to heal itself and/or efficiently function.  We can however empower and guide our bodies by consciously trusting in its ability to function (self-heal, defend, perform) or do whatever else it needs to do at any given time.  Fear (mistrust) and faith (trust) are two very different types of guided energies (signals) which are sent out from the brain/heart to the component of the body which is of concern.  The signal is then received by the component of the body and is both empowered and guided with trust or disempowered and mislead with mistrust.  The cells which are contained within the component of the body are programmable, and it takes a high level of energised information to completely transform the programming of the bodily component.  With deep body awareness we are able to listen for and feel the parts of the body which are poorly programmed.  The natural bodily response is pain or discomfort in the area which has been poorly programmed, once detected we can empower and guide that area of the body again with conscious trust.  With applying conscious trust and attention regularly to our body we provide our body guidance and direction to ensure optimal health, functionality and performance.  This is the reason why traditional deep body awareness activities such as self-healing, meditation and yoga are increasingly becoming more popular all over the world.  

Trusting the outer world works pretty much the same as trusting the inner world but at a larger scale, in fact when we learn to master trusting our inner world (functions of mind, body and heart) trusting the outer world becomes much easier and almost automatic.  When we master trusting all parts of what make up our entire body and life, we can utilise our entire self more efficiently and hence our personal power increases as well as our power to create a desired external reality.  When we trust our self completely and begin to trust life completely, the energy signals we send out to the external world start to communicate to the earth and/or universal intelligence.  If the signal we send out is strong enough to overcome mental limitations that may have been constructed by our beliefs... our desire or vision becomes a reality.  When we begin to completely trust in our self, life and the universal process everything begins to flow in favour for us and our life becomes aligned with our deepest and truest desired values.

Listening and Receiving Spiritual Guidance we can Trust (Activating the Intuitive Body)
Spiritual guidance can express itself in many different forms and signs for mental and/or bodily interpretation.  The bodies’ senses are the first to detect, feel or receive the spiritual signals, which may be physically visible through the eyes, or invisible and sensed through touch, smell, taste, sound or through the mind’s eye.  No matter what form spiritual guidance comes in it carries a concept or meaning within which may be easily interpreted or sometimes difficult.  The best way to receive clear guidance is to relax the senses into a state of attention (or deep listening) which is not forced but more so allowed.  In order to filter out or prevent negative or misleading guidance it is important to incorporate an inner trust on the inner/outer world.  To obtain certainty of the guided information that is received, it is often useful to clarify authenticity through either asking a question to spirit, god or the universe, or by allowing the message to be received through another sense organ of the body.  By exercising our trust to receive authentic guidance, we are ensuring the guidance will be true and serve us for our life purpose and overall benefit.     

Another way we can master interpreting the guidance being received is by activating our intuitive body.  Our intuitive body is made up of all our sense organs and can use any of our senses at any given time to receive spiritual guidance.  One of our main sense organs relative to the intuitive body is our Life Sense; this sense uses pain in order to channel spiritual guidance.  This pain is usually a very soft and gentle sensation that we feel somewhere within our body, and it is the location of the pain or part of the body that often resembles the symbolic meaning of the guidance behind the pain.  Usually if it is something that is important to know and act on, then the pain will be more intense, if the guidance is vital for us to consider, the pain may be extreme to ensure we get the message.

In order to activate the intuitive body it often takes the introduction of consciousness from somebody who has already activated or partially activated their life sense, or it can be self-activated through purifying the body with pure food/water/air and mental activity.  

Each part of the body where you receive pain means something different, and each human may have different programmed meanings for each body part.  The best way to unlock the meanings behind each body part is through self-experience and trial and error.  Next time you feel a persistent pain within a particular body part, try and interpret its meaning... and then ask what it means to your body/mind for clarification.  If your other senses are well developed perhaps they could confirm with you what it means.  The meaning of particular parts of the intuitive body may relate to your outer world or inner world or a mix up of them both, it is up to you to find out.  
I have begun unlocking the meaning of my intuitive body parts one by one and I could give you an example of this.

I have clarified many times now that when my heart swells up with warmth it means, yes what I am choosing is authentic and true.  When my big toe indicates pain I have worked out it means I need to keep on moving or step forward.  When my heel indicates pain it means I need to stop what I am doing now.  When my eye indicates pain it means I need to change my perspective to see more truly.  When my brain indicates pain it means I need to change my thinking or stop thinking altogether.  All these body parts I have described above I have found only relate to me if I experience them on the left side of my body.  If on the other hand I experience pain on the right side it indicates that the identical meaning applies to another being.  For example if I felt my right eye in pain it means that another being that is with me needs to change their perspective, or if I feel a pain in my right side of my brain then the other being with me needs to change their thinking or this could also just mean they are thinking of me.  These are both examples of how the empathic abilities of the intuitive body can be used to read information from one’s own being or from another being.

Other forms of spiritual guidance can come from the outer world, for example birds vividly catching your attention as they fly a certain direction, or they make lots of noise all of a sudden etc.  The direction of the wind can guide you, or the pull of the moon, especially when you are on the lookout for something.  All kinds of animals appearing to you can guide you in certain ways and may all have different meanings associated with the occurrence.  There may be common spiritual meanings for animals, however they can mean something unique also for the individual, it all comes down to trial and error and our ability to read the meaning with our intuition.

Above all, to protect ourselves and others we must trust our guidance and trust our world so that we may not be misled.  It is our trust which provides guidance for the spiritual guidance we receive back in return; in whatever form it may be.  In my experience the warm feeling I experience in my heart is the most trusted form of guidance I receive, this may be different for others, and that is quite ok... so long as others clarify to themselves this guidance, through using the parts of their mind and body that they have developed to trust.     
Walking the True Path and Being as we Are​
Beyond, underneath and in between all false belief systems, thoughts, concepts, information and spells... lies the truth of it all.  All false things are generated from the mind and are mental constructs; these illusions have been expressed physically in texts, drawings, sounds and so forth to be true and existent in our world.  Only the truth can be, void of the illusions we have placed in, on, or throughout our world.  Therefore to walk the path most true, we may begin in dispelling or letting fade away all the false mental constructs that have plagued the world.  To let fade away or dispel requires no action, or mental activity at all, all that is required is to be...  As all false mental constructs fade away, all that remains is truth... for it is the only thing that is real and true in our existence.  Thoughts, visions, sounds or sensations may come to us after all false paradigms have faded away... the expressions of feeling and information received through our being may be signs of truth, and we may think to know and feel to know, but how do we really know what we think and feel to be true??.  ALL we really KNOW is the TRUTH is HERE and NOW with us all, and all that is really required is for us to BE...      

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True Quotes and Lessons of Life

To Live a Meaningful Life we must Live our True Purpose,
Our True Purpose will be found along our quest to Seek Truth.

intention will only serve us well, if we give attention..
 To balance the intention and attention we give is the key..

To Live a Life of Fear or Love?
The Choice is Ours!

Whatever the Mind can Concieve,
It Can Achieve, All You Have to do is Believe!

When We Heal the World, We Heal Ourselves..
When We Heal Ourselves, We Heal the World..
If you Heal without learning you become sick again..
If you learn and recognise why it is you are sick and apply the lesson to your life, you will be truly healed.

The truth is the only thing that is real and is the only thing that will remain. The truth does not need to be thought of or believed in, because it is real.  As we allow all illusions and false mental constructs to fade away we will be left with only truth.

The trick to a life of ease is to LEARN enough about the universal process to confidently TRUST the process and allow the universe to do the bulk of the work for you, see where you fit in within the big picture and flow with it..

If you can always enjoy being..
You can always enjoy doing..

Be aligned with true values..
And be aligned with your truth.

Think only when you need to..
Talk only when you are sure..
Listen always..

If you have any questions? I would be happy to here from you, please leave your questions and contact details below and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.